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Searching for her daughters

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How many children have been separated from their parents under duress while Holt looked the other way?

How many parents were told their children would stay in Korea while they were being swiftly processed for international adoption?

Who was Holt “saving” then?

How many moms are unable to send a message across continents in a foreign language that they love them and never wanted to lose them?

from http://www.searchformydaughters.eu/

In search for my daughters

It was hard times back then and I was working hard to support the girls, which can not be said about their father. Under the strongest pressure and let to believe that the girls would stay in Korea I signed the paper. In that culture and time a young girl was not really asked. Men and parents ruled.

While I was away working, the father and his family sent the two young girls to France via the Holts agency, as I was later told.

The girls were 6 and 3 years old.

That was in Busan South Korea, December 1985.
I did not even have a chance to say goodbye.

Choi Ji Yeon and Choi Ji Hee

Holts adoptee numbers: K85-3776 and K85-3777

This page has one purpose, which is to let my two daughters know that I love them, and that I am searching for them, hoping to see them again some day.
They were taken from me.
The pain is constant.
Still I dream of their faces.
And wake up crying.

Ji Yeon, Ji Hee – Please contact me at:

I am Sung Gyui Ohk your birth-mother, now living in Denmark

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