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My Theory

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All during the search in Wonju people would tell us what happened and how it was back then, but actually none of them knew and they were all theories.  Well, here’s my theory, based upon the later realization that my age was deliberately tampered with:

Someone from Wonju added Kim Sook Ja to my document because they knew we were siblings and it would be easier and less paperwork.

Then, someone else at Holt didn’t like that because it made us harder to adopt as siblings, so they attempted to distance our relationship by changing my birth date, but that’s all they could do because the mayor’s stamp was already on the two for one document.

I don’t know why they gave us different family names.  Maybe those ARE our names.  Maybe we’re half siblings.  There are many stories where grandmas end up taking care of their daughter’s children of different fathers, or of women forced to give up their children by other men when remarrying.  Anyway, there are many scenarios that can explain two half siblings.

Holt didn’t have any theories.  They only said that nobody imagined adoptees would return asking questions…


Written by girl4708

July 3, 2009 at 3:49 pm

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