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How can we eliminate the need for adoption in Korea?

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Great question:

Just ASK

ASK, Adoption Solidarity Korea, is an organization formed to do just that:

from their website’s JOIN ASK menu option:

Join ASK :
ASK is part of a growing community of adoptees and supporters who advocate for the discontinuance of intercountry adoption from Korea and hope to see it replaced with social welfare services which will give families the option to stay together. Whether you would like to be directly involved in the current activities of ASK and participate in planning meetings, get updates and stay in the loop, or somewhere in between, please join us today.

Membership is open to all Korean adoptees who support the mission and work of ASK.  Membership fees are 15,000 won annually, or the equivalent after conversion.  Members receive regular updates and are invited to participate in all levels of the organization.  Click here to join.

*We encourage people who joined ASK using our old site to become members using the new system.  Please click the link above to join.

Supporters are community members who are not adoptees themselves, but want to support the mission and work of ASK.  Supporters receive regular updates and are invited to participate in many levels of the organization, including volunteering.  By volunteering for ASK, you become an important link between ASK and the Korean community.  As a volunteer, you can help with translation, interpretation, research, and other activities according to your interest. Click here to join.

It’s not enough for us to cry and moan about what was done to us.  We need to spare future generations this grief by setting up alternatives to the ineffective, poorly managed bandaid solution that adoption has offered.

I’m proudly going to try and involve myself in this organization during my stay in Korea.  And even if you can’t get to Korea yourself, please lend your support to this effort, which offers REAL change and REAL solutions.

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December 17, 2008 at 8:06 am

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