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Getting Ready for Korea

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After the adoption file stonewalling I decided I needed to go to Korea and investigate my history on foot.  By some strange twist of fate, our economy just happened to tank at the same time.  Because my profession (architecture) is on the front line of the market battle, it has been one of the first industry’s hit.  And hard.  The writing is on the wall, the work has been slowing, and looking around I see a reduction in jobs and workforce.  I am essentially over-qualified and too old to be hired for the few jobs available in my area.  So what the hell.  I might as well get to REALLY know my culture.

My investments disappeared and I have been essentially laid off. I think the gods are trying to tell me something – don’t wait – go now.  I don’t understand the forced urgency about this, but I will embrace it and try to have the adventure of my life.  And who knows?  It may instead be coming home to the land of the morning calm.

Talking to one job recruiter, he kept complementing me on how I had done my homework.  Well, I have never been one to hoard my lessons, so I have assembled my most valuable resources (replace my college transcripts for your institutions, however!) so should you, too, wish to return you can have one clearinghouse spot from which to gather the information you need specifically for Korean Adoptees seeking to teach english in Korea.

Enjoy, and the links are assembled in this Getting Ready for Korea jetpack.

(It is Washington State focused right now, but I will be sure to update it into a more general resource after I have completed my document gathering)


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October 19, 2008 at 3:16 am

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