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List of Korean Orphanages

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While the focus of the website linked below is to glorify the post war efforts to find homes for Korean orphans, it has gathered some interesting links which may be informative for adoptees in search.

This particular page lists most of the over 400 orphanages in post-war Korea. If you know the name of the orphanage you came from and it is listed, you can type in its name and it will bring up whatever information they have gathered on it.

While Holt had its main orphanage, many of the children brought there for international adoption were first in other orphanages, or Holt arranged for international adoption directly from the orphanages they were staying at. It was not until much later that they emphasized foster care. I will update this generalization with the actual figures and dates as I locate them again.

The List is here

I just wanted to add what an interesting, interesting website this is.  Even though the “Korean conflict” was a decade before my time, many of the orphanages were of course established at that time.  By typing in my city of origin, I was able to uncover the names of three orphanages in that area.

Hope you can make use of this information in your search.


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